ABC Wok range is designed to meet today's highest standard for any fine restaurant that requires high-heat stove effective to obtain the unique "wok taste".

ABC Wok range can be special order in variable length to fit your specification.
Heavy-duty one piece seamless stainless steel top with reinforced steel angles ensures durability, nice looking as well as easy cleaning.

ABC Models are available with up to 12 Holes in different wok holes sizing from 13"  to 24" as follow: 13", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24".

One Hole Wok range, S/S top

2-Hole Wok range, S/S top

3-Hole Wok range, S/S top

4-Hole Wok range, S/S top

5-Hole Wok range, S/S top

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