ABC RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT CO. Manufactures Chinese ranges, Wok ranges and stainless steel products;

 Sells commercial kitchen equipments for all kinds of food service facilities and also contracts in restaurant

 remodeling & decoration.

We help set up all kinds of restaurants, markets, food warehouse, donut shops, bakeries..

We have been in business for more than twenty years.  Service, Quality and Low Price are our top priorities.

State Licensed, Bonded & insured.

We are a licensed contractor, Hood Ventilation Specialist and Certified Fire Duct Wrap installer.

Hundred of fine projects completed by our company are best representing our company's credibility.


                                                  We manufacture and fabricate the following products:

 - Cold table, Salad table

- Custom made stainless steel counters, s. s. cabinets                                  

 - Steam table, Sneeze Guard

 - Food warmer

 -  B. B. Q oven, B. B. Q. Showcase

 - Dish wash table

 - Exhaust hood and make up air ventilating system

  - Waiter service station

  - Walk-in cooler & freezer etc.

                                          - Chinese Wok Range can be custom-made to any size.


4range.tif (Please Wait a moment...for image to show)
Chinese Wok Range Chinese Range with Steam Cabinet


Cold Table Exhaust Hood System


88e.tif (242944 bytes)

kimsu.tif (Please wait a moment for image to show up)

  888 Seafood Restaurant

  Kim Su Restaurant

dimsum.tif (255528 bytes)

ocean.tif (243764 bytes)

Dim Sum Restaurant

  Ocean Star Restaurant


                                              FOR MORE PRODUCT IMAGES, PLEASE LINK TO  WOKRANGE.COM






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